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Before any relocation, make sure that the following tasks are completely done. So take your time, check and double check, it'll avoid many bad surprises:

Address change: Update with local post office, friends, creditors, magazines, and others with the new address.

Utilities: Turn off all your utilities in your old location and turned them on in your new location!

Wall and Floor protection: Ask the required protection against damages during moving to your landlord or building management.

Certificate of insurance: Some buildings require a certificate on insurance Please check with your building management regarding their requirements.

Parking spot: Make sure to confirm parking restrictions with the building management or local police department at both your old and new locations to avoid parking problems.

Service elevator: Make sure to know about service-elevators at both your old and new locations. Locations have different policies in elevator use, and many of them require that you reserve the elevators during scheduled moving times. For any other assistance or questions above, feel free to ask your ADVANTAGE Customer Service Representative. We're be glad to assist you.

New York Moving company
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